Super Space Rocket!

My little boy loves all things Space at the moment so we decided to do a Space themed craft one rainy afternoon. Looking through our recycling box we found an empty drinks bottle and thought we could use it to make a cool space rocket!

This craft is very easy and my son has loved playing with his home made toy since making it! Who says kids need expensive toys?! He is so proud that he has helped make his own rocket and it has become a favourite play thing.

To make your own space rocket you will need – an empty, clean drinks bottle with cap, sticky tape, scissors, coloured paper, paintbrush and paint.

To begin, use some coloured paper of your choice to make a cone for the rockets top (trim down to the correct size and stick down on to the bottle with sticky tape).rocket 1Then roll another piece of coloured paper around your bottle to form the rockets body. Use tape to stick down.rocket 2Now cut some flame shapes out of orange and red paper and stick them down to the base of the bottle. Next add some coloured paper wings. I used tape on both sides of the wings to allow them to stick out.rocket 3rocket 4My little boy then wanted to decorate his rocket. He chose to decorate his with gold paint!rocket 5We have had so much fun with this since making it and I am sure it wont be long until we add another home made rocket to his ever growing collection!

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