Life is a gift…..(a quick update)

Firstly apologies for not being around for a while. Keeping the kids entertained and happy during the school holidays seemed to take up the majority of my time, and on top of the usual everyday things there never seemed enough time in the day to do anything else! I hope you all had a lovely school holidays? We really enjoyed ourselves but I must admit it is quite nice to get back into our normal, everyday routine again! I will be catching up on blog posts over the next few days – I have so much to write about!

Unfortunately, we also had a few family dramas including my beautiful, amazing Gran having another severe heart attack and ending up in intensive care. It was touch and go for a while but fortunately my Gran is one of the strongest women I know and she pulled through like a true fighter. Experiences like this put all the trivial, mundane worries into such perspective that you cant help but look at your life and question if you are living it to the maximum. Life is a precious gift which we should all completely treasure……


7 thoughts on “Life is a gift…..(a quick update)

  1. Hello P.B.Mum. Great to have you back.
    I’m so sorry to hear about your Grandmother, but so very happy that she’s fine and groovy again and going about her days – business as usual.

    Thank you for your fabulous message. Such a simple thing, but so very true.
    We are all blessed when we are given another new day. But sadly, more than ever it seems, people forget to acknowledge how great the gift really is.

    Sending love your way, from my corner here. ~ Cobs. x

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