Mothers Day Cards – Pom Pom printing!

One of our favourite ways to print is pom pom printing! It is such a fun, cute way of printing and is brilliant for forming lovely circular patterns. I thought it would be a nice idea to use pom pom printing to make some Mothers Day cards this year. They would also make fantastic greetings cards for other special  occasions.

To make your pom pom print Mothers Day cards you will need – card, pom poms, paints, paper and glue.

Begin by deciding what shape / picture you would like to use for your card. We chose a butterfly and a heart shape. Draw it onto your paper and cut it out.


Then dip your pom pom into a paint colour of your choice and begin printing down. My daughter chose to print down two alternating colours around the butterflies edge, then swapped to two different colours on the inside. If your little one is struggling to hold the pom pom, clip a laundry peg onto it to act as a handle, which will make it far easier for little hands to grasp.

Once the paint was dry, my daughter added some googly eyes and drew on a face!


We then mounted the butterfly onto the front of a piece of folded card.



My daughter also made a card using a heart shape which also looked very cute!


A cute, simple way to make a greetings card and a lovely way to use pom pom printing! If you would like ideas on other painting methods please check out my painting ideas page!


I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday!

Mothers Day Vase!

This craft is one of the sweetest for Mothers Day and is sure to bring a smile to any Mums face on Mothering Sunday! After originally spotting something similar on Pinterest, I adapted it slightly for the kids I was making it with and loved the end result! I have done these cute vases for a few years now and it is my absolute favourite Mothers Day craft. It is a super simple craft which doesn’t need many materials so is pretty cheap to make.

To make your Mothers Day Vase you will need – Paper cup, plain paper, paints in different colours, lollipop sticks (green if you have them), glue, cellophane or coloured paper and things to decorate vase with (eg – sequins, paper, glitter, etc).

Begin by painting your hand in the colour of your choice and printing it down onto plain paper.


Then choose a different colour and print another hand print onto the paper. Repeat with different colours until you have four hand prints. (You can use the same colour but I think it looks prettier with the different colours). These hand prints will be the flowers!


Whilst the hand prints are drying begin making your vase. Take your paper cup (we chose a pink one), and decorate it with anything you like! We chose coloured paper, cellophane, sequins, feathers and foam shapes.

Leave the paper cup to dry with the hand prints. Once the hand prints are dry, cut each one of them out. Then cut four small circles out of a piece of yellow or orange paper which will be the centre of the flowers. If you don’t have coloured paper just crayon some plain paper and do it that way instead. Glue the circles into the centre of each hand, then mount each hand print onto a lollipop stick. (Green sticks work best as they will be the flower stems, but I had ran out so I just coloured a plain stick in with a green crayon).


Next put some scrunched up cellophane or paper into your paper cup vase. (This will help hold your flowers in place).


Next put some glue on both sides of the bottom of the flower lollipop stick and place into the cup, by pushing it into a fold of the cellophane. Repeat with all of the flowers!


I think these wonderful little flower vases make a beautiful Mothers Day Craft and will rival any bunch of ‘real’ flowers that Mum may receive! A very sweet craft for the little ones to make!



Sweetie Cupcakes!

The one good thing about all this rain we are having here in Wales is that it gives me lots of time to bake with the kids! I love cooking and baking with the kids as it teaches them some very useful skills (as well as the actual cooking techniques) which they will need in later life including responsibility, confidence, reading and spelling, following instructions, and risk. It is amazing how much a little cooking activity can help kids when you really sit and think about what the activity is teaching them.

cook quot

As I had my niece and nephew with me too the other day I thought it would be a cute idea to make Sweetie Cupcakes with them all!

To make your Sweetie cupcakes you will need – For the cakes: 170g self raising flour, 170g butter, 170g sugar and 3 eggs. For the topping: 250g butter, 600g icing sugar and 2 tbs milk. To decorate: sweets of your choice (we used Smarties).

1 – Begin by preheating the oven to 180c and lining a cupcake tin with cake cases.

2 – Put the butter and sugar in a bowl and mix until fluffy. Add the eggs one at a time and mix together.

3 – Add the flour and mix well. Spoon the mixture into the cake cases and bake for approx fifteen minutes or until golden.


4 – Allow the cakes to cool thoroughly. Now make your butter cream which will decorate the top of the cakes. Make the butter cream by putting the butter and sugar into a large bowl and mixing. Then add the milk and stir it in. Spread the butter cream over the cakes then decorate with sweeties! We used Smarties to add a splash of colour! The kids also decided to add some sprinkles and hundreds and thousands!





Our cakes looked lovely and tasted really good! The kids loved them and they disappeared super fast! Hubby wasn’t impressed that by the time he returned home from work they had all been eaten! (Mental note to make more next time)!

Hope you are all having a perfect Sunday!

Collage nature pictures!

A little while ago myself and the kids decided to make some collage nature pictures. These pictures are such good fun and really get kids using their imagination to create their very own pictures!

We went for a little walk and collected up some different natural objects including fallen leaves, grass, fallen petals etc. We pretty much collected anything which we thought would make a good material to make our collage pictures with! Just make sure you aren’t picking anything toxic up! (This activity provides a good opportunity to talk to your kids about things that are safe to pick up and things that aren’t). I also encourage my little ones to only take things that have fallen, and not still growing.

Once we had our collection we headed home and sat outside to create our art work! All you need extra is a little glue and some paper.

Using your glue, stick down the different things where you would like them – it is a good idea to have a play around first to see what you want to create!

leaf pic1





The kids love making these beautiful nature collages. I think they look wonderful and make a nice change to the usual paintings! I love that depending on the time of the year that you make them, you will be able to use different items, so will get different looking pictures each time! We can’t wait for Summer to get out and about and make some more pretty collage pictures!


Hand print Mothers Day Card!

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to try and post some ideas for Mothers Day cards and crafts. We have done quite a few different things over the years for my sister from her children, so I have lots of cute ideas for the kids to try! These ideas could also be adapted and used for extra special birthday cards!

One of our favourite Mothers Day card ideas is to use a hand print and finger prints to form a pretty flower. I first did this a few years ago and it is currently a very popular choice in schools and daycare settings, as it is super simple so even young kids and babies can do it with a little supervision.

To make your hand print card you will need – folded piece of card in your colour choice (we used orange), paint in different colours including green and yellow, and pretty paper / cellophane for the pot.

1 – Begin by painting your hand green, but leaving the fingertips and thumb tip. Paint the tips in yellow.


2 – Print down onto the front of your folded piece of card.

3 – Use your finger to print down petal shapes around each yellow circle print. You can use the same colour or different colours. These will be the petals of your flowers!


4 – Add a flower pot to the bottom of your plant using glue. We used a square cut from cellophane for ours.


5 – Now leave to dry, add a greeting inside and ta – da –  one beautiful Mothers Day card ready to go to a very deserving lady!


A lovely simple card which Mum will love!


Winter play dough!

Keeping the kids busy during the school holidays is sometimes hard, especially in February when the weather is less than pleasant here in the UK! I decided to make some play dough yesterday to keep the kids entertained for a while. I thought it would be a cute idea to make it a winter themed play dough by using a little blue food colouring, to give it an icy cool look.

To make your play dough you will need – 2 cups plain flour, 1 cup cold water, 1 cup salt, 1 tbs oil and food colouring (we used blue but you can use whichever colour you like).

Start by mixing the flour and salt in a bowl.


Next add the water, oil and food colouring. (If you are using liquid colour you will just need a few drops, gel colours tend to need more though – we used a whole tube of gel colour and the colour was nowhere near as strong as I wanted)!

Mix together and then knead with your hands until it forms a ball. If the dough is too dry add a little water, if it is too wet add a little flour.


Now your play dough is ready to use! I gave the kids a little bowl with sequins, feathers, pom poms and beads in, as well as cutters and rolling pins. ( Just make sure that what you are giving your little ones are age appropriate to avoid any nasty accidents).

We then set up a little shop with a till and sandwich bags to use as the kids love playing bakery. They ‘bake’ me biscuits and cakes with the play dough and I am the customer! We do this quite a lot and I change the type of play dough we use. One of the kids favourite play dough is chocolate play dough. You can find the recipe we use here!







We had a lovely afternoon creating and playing with the play dough! A lovely activity for the kids which doesn’t cost the earth!

Hope you are all having a lovely week!

A (teeny) bit of sun!

So this morning was glorious! Beautiful blue skies and sunshine! I was ecstatic – we have had such a long period of constant rain, dark clouds and general greyness that just the sight of the sunshine made me so happy! Isn’t it amazing that just a bit of sunshine seems to wipe out the months of grey in an instant? Like medicine for the soul!

Currently the kids are on their half term holidays so I suggested a trip to the park, whilst the weather was so lovely and dry. They chose to ride their bikes (no problem – it gets us there so much faster than legs alone!) and off we went. We were merrily going along and not far from the park when it decided to start hailing…… Not just a few little hailstones, but full on hail coming down at the speed of mini jet planes! I just could not believe it…… We raced to the park and sheltered under the climbing frame (managing to squeeze ourselves in like sardines)! Even my daughter couldn’t understand what had happened to the weather – “Mum, I am getting so sick of this weather now. It was nice a minute ago!”

The aftermath!

My son found it hilarious though and decided it was his duty to try and squash every piece of hail on the floor – needless to say we were at the park quite a while………..

IMG_0587 (2).JPG

I hope you are all having a fantastic week wherever you are!

Valentines hair!

My daughter has pretty long hair and tends to request some complicated and intricate hairstyles. I have finally mastered the basics, and can throw my hand to different braids but I am nowhere near comfortable or particularly happy when she utters the words “Mum, can we try a new hairstyle?” My heart tends to plummet as I wait to hear what she has seen / heard of that she wants to try!

This week she asked for a heart hairstyle for Valentines weekend….. I must admit I was incredibly apprehensive about this! A heart for the hair?!!! I had a look on YouTube for hairstyles and found plenty of hairstyles incorporating hearts into the hair but there was no way I was going to manage some of the highly skilled hairstyles on there! I did find quite a few tutorials however, showing lovely twisted heart pigtails which looked pretty simple. We decided to give it a go…..

Here’s how –

1 – Brush the hair well to remove any knots.


2 – Make two pigtails and secure with an elastic bobble. (Excuse my rubbish parting)!


3 – Turn the pigtail into an upside down topsy turvy, push through and split the hair into two. Twist each half towards the head and bring down so that it forms a heart shape. Secure with a small elastic.

IMG_0541 (2).JPG

4 – Repeat on the other pigtail and you are finished!

I know it is super hard to figure it out on just photos alone so if you do fancy having a go at this, there are lots of wonderful video tutorials on Youtube.

IMG_0543 (2).JPG

It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be and I think with a bit of practice this would look quite pretty for special occasions like Valentines Day or a wedding. I think next time I try it I will spray her hair down with a little water to make it all look a little smoother, as her hair gets very fly away and is quite thick!

Happy Valentines guys!


A dino snack!

My five year old son loves dinosaurs at the moment so I thought it would be a cute idea to turn his snack into something of the dinosaur variety! (You can see my other food ideas for kids here)!

I used cucumber to make the dinosaurs body, raspberries for his eye and for the ground, and satsuma segments and a raspberry for a sun.


My little boy was thrilled with his dinosaur snack! A cute fun way to encourage kids to eat!