Valentines hair!

My daughter has pretty long hair and tends to request some complicated and intricate hairstyles. I have finally mastered the basics, and can throw my hand to different braids but I am nowhere near comfortable or particularly happy when she utters the words “Mum, can we try a new hairstyle?” My heart tends to plummet as I wait to hear what she has seen / heard of that she wants to try!

This week she asked for a heart hairstyle for Valentines weekend….. I must admit I was incredibly apprehensive about this! A heart for the hair?!!! I had a look on YouTube for hairstyles and found plenty of hairstyles incorporating hearts into the hair but there was no way I was going to manage some of the highly skilled hairstyles on there! I did find quite a few tutorials however, showing lovely twisted heart pigtails which looked pretty simple. We decided to give it a go…..

Here’s how –

1 – Brush the hair well to remove any knots.


2 – Make two pigtails and secure with an elastic bobble. (Excuse my rubbish parting)!


3 – Turn the pigtail into an upside down topsy turvy, push through and split the hair into two. Twist each half towards the head and bring down so that it forms a heart shape. Secure with a small elastic.

IMG_0541 (2).JPG

4 – Repeat on the other pigtail and you are finished!

I know it is super hard to figure it out on just photos alone so if you do fancy having a go at this, there are lots of wonderful video tutorials on Youtube.

IMG_0543 (2).JPG

It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be and I think with a bit of practice this would look quite pretty for special occasions like Valentines Day or a wedding. I think next time I try it I will spray her hair down with a little water to make it all look a little smoother, as her hair gets very fly away and is quite thick!

Happy Valentines guys!


Valentines bunny – paper craft!

Each year my kids make their dad a Valentines card or craft to tell him how much they love him. This year my daughter decided to make him a Valentines bunny. Bunnies are her favourite animal at the moment, therefore everyone receives a picture or a beautiful bunny craft on a frequent basis! She decided to make a paper craft bunny for her Valentines craft this year.

To make your paper craft bunny you will need – white paper, coloured card of your choice, scissors, glue and a pen. 

Start by cutting out the shapes you will need from white paper for the bunnies body. We used a large heart for the tummy, a circle for the head, four smaller hearts for the paws and two ear shapes.



Next use glue to stick down your paper shapes where you would like them, to form your Valentines bunny.


Draw on the bunnies face and add your Valentines message! You can also add a coloured heart to the bunnies tummy. My daughter added a red cellophane heart to hers to decorate!


A very cute Valentines picture using paper craft which could easily be popped onto a card to make a home-made Valentines Day card. My daughter can’t wait to give her Valentines bunny to her Dad on Sunday!

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day spent with the ones you love!

Paper craft penguin!

My kids love paper craft at home and as they are getting older they are trying their hands at more intricate and detailed paper craft. (I will post some of these crafts for older children at a future date)!

The other day however I wanted to do some paper craft with my 2 year old nephew. He is becoming super creative recently, so I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration on a more basic paper craft which he could turn his own little hands too. I found a cute penguin craft which I thought he would enjoy and which looked simple for him to do on his own after some initial preparation and adaptation by me.

To make your paper craft penguin you will need – Black paper, white paper, orange paper, scissors and glue. (Card will also work if you are out of coloured paper).

To begin I cut out the paper into the shapes we needed – a white heart to be the tummy, black oval to be the body, two small orange hearts to be the feet, one 3D triangle to be the beak (cut the triangle from a piece of folded paper and cut on the actual folded line), and two small white circles to be the eyes. (I drew some smaller dots on them to make them look more like eyes).


Next pop some glue onto your black oval body shape.


Stick on your white heart tummy shape, heart feet, beak and eyes!


I always let the kids create their art in their own way. I don’t push tiny fingers to places which are ‘deemed’ to be the correct place to stick down a certain part. (It is a huge pet hate of mine, to see children being ‘guided’ so strongly that it is no longer the child’s own individual art, but instead becomes the art of the adult ‘helper’)! I love seeing the art work of young kids when you can see that they have created it their self (even if it is with slightly crazy looking eyes)! I really think it adds to the sweetness and cuteness!


Pop your penguin to dry and ta – da!


We gave my nephews paper craft penguin to his mum who loved it! I think this would look really sweet on a valentines card with the little heart shapes we used! You could adapt this craft for any animal you like. Heart shaped scales on a fish paper craft would look brilliant, or a bunny using heart shapes….the options are pretty endless. No doubt we will be doing more of these paper crafts with our own ideas, as Valentines Day is just around the corner!