Valentines hair!

My daughter has pretty long hair and tends to request some complicated and intricate hairstyles. I have finally mastered the basics, and can throw my hand to different braids but I am nowhere near comfortable or particularly happy when she utters the words “Mum, can we try a new hairstyle?” My heart tends to plummet as I wait to hear what she has seen / heard of that she wants to try!

This week she asked for a heart hairstyle for Valentines weekend….. I must admit I was incredibly apprehensive about this! A heart for the hair?!!! I had a look on YouTube for hairstyles and found plenty of hairstyles incorporating hearts into the hair but there was no way I was going to manage some of the highly skilled hairstyles on there! I did find quite a few tutorials however, showing lovely twisted heart pigtails which looked pretty simple. We decided to give it a go…..

Here’s how –

1 – Brush the hair well to remove any knots.


2 – Make two pigtails and secure with an elastic bobble. (Excuse my rubbish parting)!


3 – Turn the pigtail into an upside down topsy turvy, push through and split the hair into two. Twist each half towards the head and bring down so that it forms a heart shape. Secure with a small elastic.

IMG_0541 (2).JPG

4 – Repeat on the other pigtail and you are finished!

I know it is super hard to figure it out on just photos alone so if you do fancy having a go at this, there are lots of wonderful video tutorials on Youtube.

IMG_0543 (2).JPG

It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be and I think with a bit of practice this would look quite pretty for special occasions like Valentines Day or a wedding. I think next time I try it I will spray her hair down with a little water to make it all look a little smoother, as her hair gets very fly away and is quite thick!

Happy Valentines guys!