Kids abstract art!

My daughter is currently very interested in different artists and the different ways in which they paint. I dug out some of my old books for her to have a peek at, and we also looked on the internet. (I think it’s amazing that we have such a huge range of information available at our fingertips via the web!) She seemed especially interested in the use of lines in abstract art, and wanted to see if she could make her own piece of abstract art using lines and colours. I thought it was a brilliant idea so we got the paints and brushes out!

To make your abstract art you will need – paper, paint, paintbrushes and a ruler.

To begin with use a ruler dipped in paint to print lines down onto your paper. (We found using a ruler edge was the best way to form straight lines).IMG_2961Continue printing your lines on the paper. You can choose to place them wherever you like.IMG_2966Once you have finished your lines, use different coloured paints to fill the gaps in between the lines. You can use as many or as little colours as you like. My daughter chose three colours to use for her picture.IMG_2967 IMG_2971My daughter loved her finished piece of abstract art and she was so pleased she could recreate her own version so easily! A brilliant art activity for mini artists!Β IMG_2994


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