Fruity dragonflies!

So for the kids snack time this morning, I decided to get a little creative again! Over the summer months the kids have loved seeing the dragonflies in our garden, so I thought I would try and make them some fruity dragonflies!

I used halved grapes to form the main body, apple pieces for the wings, a banana slice for the head and raisins for the antenna. 

Theses little dragonflies disappeared super quickly into little mouths – the kids absolutely loved them! If you have kids who struggle to try new foods, I say give this a try! Kids tend to love it if you get creative with their food, and will be much more willing to try it if it’s presented in a cute, fun way! 

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 

Rainbow Caterpillar!

There is a huge importance placed on recycling currently, which I fully embrace with open arms! Teaching our children about looking after our planet should be high on every parents list of (endless) things to do! Another upside to this is that there are usually lots of fantastic, recyclable items which we can use for our creative activities!

This week we had an egg box sitting waiting to be recycled, which my daughter decided to make something with. She has been super interested in caterpillars and butterflies since she had a butterfly garden (highly recommended!) given to her last Christmas, so she opted to make an egg box caterpillar.

To make an egg box caterpillar you will need – egg box, paints, paintbrush, pipe cleaner and googly eyes.

She started off by cutting the (12 egg) box into half so she was working with 6 segments instead. She then painted each segment a different colour as she wanted it to be a rainbow caterpillar!


Once it was dry, she glued googly eyes onto the segment which she wanted to be the ‘head’. I then helped her make two small holes in the top of the ‘head’, which she pushed two cut pipe cleaners through and shaped them to be the antennae. Next she drew on a mouth using black felt tip pen.


We think her rainbow caterpillar looks super cute and is a lovely way to use some of those empty egg boxes. She is planning on making a whole caterpillar family! ( I best start using some of our eggs up! ) Omelette anyone?…..

cat1                    cat4

Mini insect garden home!

My daughter made this mini insect garden last year and it was one of her favourite makes ever so I thought I would share it with you!

We had an unwanted shoe box lying around the house and my daughter decided she was going to make something with it. She had a little think and decided to make a home for some insects. I must admit I was a little concerned for the welfare of these poor unsuspecting insects until she explained it was “for pretend insects silly!” (Whoops, silly me)!

To make a mini insect garden you will need – shoebox, paper, cotton wool, leaves, flowers and colouring pens.

So she set to work by drawing and colouring in lots of different insects, including butterflies and ladybugs, then cutting them all out. She then placed cotton wool into the shoebox (sorry – home!) to make a cosy layer “for the insects to sleep on”. She had also been exploring in the garden to find the perfect leaves and flowers to decorate the garden home, so the insects “feel happy and have things to eat.” (She spent a long time finding flowers and items that were just right!) She then arranged them in the box, and added her cut out insects!

She loved making this and has played with it many times since! It was also a huge hit when her school friends came over to play. She swapped the leaves and flowers frequently when they became a little worse for wear, as well as the cotton wool. The box lasted really well but is now showing signs of wear and tear so we are on the lookout for another box so she can make a new mini garden!

I love that now she is getting older she is developing her own creative ideas and using them! This is probably one of my favourite things she has made completely from her own idea, as it’s so pretty and has a huge amount of play value. The amount of times this little garden box has been brought out to play with, and to show friends and family has really surprised me (and also serves as a very good reminder that children really do not need heaps and heaps of expensive toys)! A shoebox, paper and flowers can do a marvellous job!

bug box2 bug box 3 bug box bug box 4