Lollipop stick dolls!

My daughter loves dolls! They are the first thing she reaches for when she arrives home from school, and the one thing she wanted to take away on holiday with us along with her colouring pens! She also loves drawing and creating, so a perfect craft idea for her, is making her own lollipop stick dolls!

I used to love making lollipop stick dolls when I was at school and I knew my daughter would love it too! She decided to make a ballerina for herself and a pirate doll for her brother.

You will need – lollipop sticks, felt tip pens, pipe cleaners, material / felt scraps, glue scissors and tissue / crepe paper.

Make your lollipop stick doll by choosing a lollipop stick and adding ‘clothes’ from the material scraps. For the pirate doll, my daughter used a piece of blue felt for shorts and a piece of red felt cut into shape for a pirate bandana. Secure everything in place with glue. She then drew on a stripy top with felt tip pens, as well as the facial features, eye patch and shoes.loli doll3

She then added pipe cleaners for the pirates arms. (You may need to use a little sticky tape to secure the arms).loli doll4

loli doll5

For her ballerina doll my daughter chose to use a square of blue felt material for the top, and purple tissue paper wrapped around the stick to form a skirt. Again, she used pipe cleaners for the arms. She added shredded tissue paper for the hair, and drew on the facial features and shoes.

loli 1loli doll 2

We love these home – made dolls and my son and daughter have both played with them for hours since. They are a lovely way to get the kids involved in making their own play things, and the nice thing is that they can design any doll they wish. My daughter is already thinking of new dolls she can make! The possibilities are endless!loli dolls


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