Floral garlands!

This year the British Summer hasn’t really gotten started, so to brighten up our days my daughter decided to make some lovely floral garlands for everyone! These garlands are super pretty and super simple! They use minimum materials so are really cheap to make too!

To make your garland you will need – coloured paper, straws, scissors and thread/wool.

Begin by cutting out some flower shapes from different coloured paper. My daughter finds it easier to draw her flower shapes first.


Next cut some straws into small pieces. My daughter used different coloured straws to add some colour to her garland!


Make a small hole in the centre of each flower and thread them and the straws onto your thread / wool. My daughter chose a pattern of flower, straw, flower, straw, but you can choose to place them however you like. Other shapes look really effective on the garland too!


Keep threading and leave a small gap at the end to tie your garland together!


My daughter loves making these pretty, bright garlands and they look super cute!




We hope you like our floral garlands! A simple craft for the kids to have a go at which will bring a little sunshine!

We hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday!

Hand print fishes!

Now that the school holidays are well under way we have been doing lots of art and crafts, including the ever faithful hand printing! Hand printing always goes down well and is pretty versatile. We decided to make some hand print fish pictures the other day as a nod to the summer!

You will need – paper, paint, crepe paper, card and glue.

Begin by painting your hand in whichever colour you like. My kids chose to do multi coloured stripes like a rainbow!


Print down onto your paper.


Leave your prints to dry, then turn them into fish by adding a mouth and eyes.


Then cut out your fish and stick them down onto some card. We also added green crepe paper seaweed and blue bubbles!



The kids loved their finished hand print pictures! You could also add glitter and other sea creatures! A fab, simple art activity for the summer holidays!



IMG_2834 (2).JPG

We hope you all have a very crafty, fun filled week!


Water Balloon printing!

This type of printing is one of my kids utter favourites and we have spent many hours experimenting with different colours to create some fantastic art work! Balloon printing gives such unique and individual results each time and is sure to be a big hit! (Adult supervision is required otherwise you may have quite a bit of water on your hands – and not in the balloon)!!!

To balloon print you will need – water balloons, paper and paints.

1 – Begin by filling your water balloons and setting out your different coloured paints. (I use disposable take away food trays which I wash and re-use for paint activities).


2 – Gently dip your balloon into your paint and print gently onto your paper. (Gently does it)!



3 – Build up your pattern or create a picture using the circle prints.

We had lots of fun using the balloons to create different pictures and different patterns! This is a perfect activity for kids who love printing in a slightly different way to the usual! It is also a lovely sensory activity as the balloons do feel fab for little hands.

We made lots of different pictures and patterns with the balloons! A simple, different way to create some lovely artwork!









Our very first make under doll!

I am so excited to share mine and my daughters latest project with you! It is something that my daughter has wanted to do for a long long time but I have been putting it off as I wasn’t sure how it would go and I really didn’t want her to be disappointed!

A few months ago I came across an article on my facebook feed about a lady called Sonia Singh who gives old, unwanted Bratz dolls a new lease of life by giving them a make-under and calling them Tree Change dolls. I was so impressed! I am not a huge fan of Bratz dolls – my daughter has them but I have never understood why they needed such copious amounts of make up – not the best message to be sending out to our children! I much preferred Sonia’s more natural looking dolls! As I was browsing through her website I found some DIY tutorial videos where she encourages parents to give it a go themselves. I showed my daughter and she instantly fell in love with the changed dolls (and then instantly asked if we could make under one of her dolls together)….. I can honestly say I was not sure at all! Don’t get me wrong I love creating and crafting but I doubted if I could make my daughters doll look anywhere near as lovely as Sonia’s creations!

After endless nagging pleading from my daughter I eventually gave in and we started work on the make under! She chose a doll that had been given to her by a friend which was in desperate need of a little love!



As you can see the doll looks wonderful – complete with what looks like extra felt tip eye make up!

We started by using nail varnish remover and cotton pads to remove all of the make up from the face. Try not to scour the face as it can scratch it, instead firmly rub! The glitter lipstick was pretty tough to get off and needed quite a bit of time.

Once all of the make up was removed from the face we started painting her new face with acrylic paints. We looked at lots of Sonia’s creations online for inspiration and then took the plunge! (I must admit I was pretty scared I was going to mess it up – I was in charge of the lovely dolls eyes – eeek)! My daughter painted the lips and we both painted her eyebrows. I had to mix up a little skin coloured paint to paint over a biro mark and I was really pleased with how it covered the pen mark up. We also added freckles!


Once she was finished my daughter was ecstatic and I was pretty pleased myself! I don’t think she turned out too bad considering it was our very first attempt. My daughter has already picked out more dolls to make under!

IMG_2462 (2).JPG


The doll (renamed Daisy!) has not left my daughters side since being finished and is even heading to a sleepover with her tonight at my sisters house!

We really hope you like our make under doll! I would definitely recommend giving it a go yourself. It was a lot of fun and not nearly as difficult as I thought it was going to be!

Happy Friday guys!

Fathers Day cards – (bath puff required)!

Fathers Day is tomorrow here in the UK and my kids love nothing more than making cards for their Dad to let him know how much they love him. I wanted to share with you how they have made these brilliant cards with some paint and an old bath puff! (Yep you read that right! Bath puffs are brilliant for printing with, simple to use and give amazing pattern results)!

To make your Fathers day card you will need – paint, an old bath puff, card and glue.

1 – Begin by squirting some different coloured paints onto a plate. (We used a paper plate but any old plate is fine).

fathers day2.jpg

2 – Use your bath puff to push down into the paint and print onto your paper.

fathers day5.jpg

fathers day6

3 – Once you are happy with your print, leave to dry. Once dry, you can cut out whichever shape you like. We used tie shapes for our cards! Mount onto card and ta – dah! My kids decided to add stickers to their cards too for some extra sparkle!


fathers day9.jpg

This is a lovely, simple way to print and make some slightly different Fathers Day cards! We really hope you like them.

Have a wonderful weekend!

I want to be……

I really wanted to share with you our latest activity as the kids have loved it so much! They have enjoyed every part of this and I have loved watching them working on it too! They have each been busy making what we call an “I want to be….” self portrait.

You will need – large paper (old wallpaper or lining paper works really well), pencils and paint.

Begin by cutting a piece of large paper which is large enough for you to draw around your little one! We used old wallpaper. Lining paper works brilliantly too and it is super cheap! Next get your little one to lie down on the paper and carefully draw around them – be warned this usually results in fits of giggles and can take a while!!!


Once you have your outline discuss with your child what they would like to paint themselves as. This time we decided to think about what they would like to be when they grow up. My son chose a policeman and my daughter chose a vet (no surprise there)! The opportunities here are huge. You could think about jobs, storybook characters, imaginary people, superheroes etc!

Next draw the details they want to put on their outline. Younger kids will need extra help with this part. We looked on the internet for the different uniforms which their chosen vocations used. This also helped with colours needed. Next comes paint! We also used chalks, felts and crayons. Lots of different materials!




Once finished leave to dry and then cut out. My kids loved the fact that they had turned themselves into what they wanted to be! They now have pride of place on their bedroom walls!

IMG_1978 (2).JPG

IMG_1986 (2).JPG

IMG_1990 (2).JPG

We hope you like our “I want to be…..” portraits. I highly recommend giving them a go! Huge amounts of fun and giggles go into these portraits, not to mention the thought, creativity, imagination and fine motor skills!

A lovely activity to get their imaginations fired up!






Winter tree pictures!

The weather has been pretty horrid here recently. Rain and very strong  winds are all we seem to be having at the moment! I find myself longing for the sunshine again….or snow. Anything apart from this continuous downpour!

One particularly rainy day last week my five year old son and my two year old nephew were getting a little bored so we brought out the craft box and decided to make some Winter tree pictures!

To make your own winter tree pictures you will need – coloured paper/card of your choice (we chose blue as my son wanted it to look like the sky), green paint, white paper, hole puncher, glue, pom poms and crayons.


Begin by making a stencil to be your tree shape. I used a triangle shape as it is very simple and looks pretty effective! Next dip the pom pom into the green paint and print the shape onto your coloured paper/card by pushing the pom pom up and down onto the paper. My son and nephew printed two trees onto their paper. If your little one is struggling with holding the pom pom you can pop a clothes peg onto it, which will act as a handle.



Whilst the paint is drying make your ‘snowflakes’ by punching out white paper circles using a hole puncher.


When your paint is dry glue on some of the paper circles to be your falling snowflakes.

Next tear some white paper into strips. This will be the snow on the ground. I like tearing the paper rather than cutting it as it looks a little more realistic with the bumps and curves instead of it being just a straight line!


Next draw on tree trunks with a crayon.


The boys had great fun making their winter tree pictures and they have certainly brightened up the place. I just wish we had some real snow now!

Silhouette pictures!

We have had some nasty weather and lots of horrible storms this weekend (Boo hiss)! This means we have had no choice but to stay in and keep dry and warm. Unfortunately this also meant that the kids were getting a little crazy by the afternoon yesterday, so we got out the paints and decided to make some silhouette pictures.

I love making silhouette pictures! You can turn pretty much anything into a silhouette with some black paper and the finished effect is beautiful. We decided to use purple, blue and pink colours to give a moonlight effect, as opposed to yellows and oranges which give a sunset effect. They both look so pretty!

(If you missed our sunset pictures the blog post is here – https://paintboxmum.wordpress.com/2015/09/12/super-sunset-sea-pictures/ )

To make your silhouette picture you will need – paper, black paper / card, paintbrush, paints in purples, blues and pinks, glue and scissors.

Begin by painting the paper with your different colours. We find that painting horizontally works best. Work the colours into each other to give a more blended effect.IMG_3032 IMG_3029Whilst the paint is drying, decide what you would like to use for your silhouette picture. My niece chose a fairy and my son chose a pirate. Draw the chosen images onto black paper or card and then cut them out. If your child is older they could do this part themselves.IMG_3020 IMG_3023Once they are cut out, glue them onto your painted paper. You could also add some extra details! My niece added a rock to her fairy picture which looked really pretty. IMG_3043 IMG_3048 IMG_3044

If you don’t fancy using paints, you could use chalks instead. We did make some chalk pictures too but unfortunately the photos didn’t show the chalk very well, but they look good too! (The photos don’t show the paint colours that great either sorry, but hopefully you can see the effect)! I think they would look very cool on greetings cards too!

These look super pretty and are a lovely way to spend some time on a rainy afternoon!

Paper weaving!

I decided to do some paper weaving with my daughter and niece yesterday. Paper weaving is one of my daughters favourite craft activities and she loves seeing the pattern forming as she weaves the paper!

I love paper weaving with children as it teaches them about pattern formation, as well as developing their fine motor skills. I find it really helps develop concentration too, as they have to sit and focus on their weaving technique, as well as remember the sequence of over and under! Paper weaving takes practice so don’t worry if your little one doesn’t get the hang of it straight away. All attempts are good practice! We don’t do ‘perfect’ here!

it-doesnt-have-to-be-perfectTo paper weave you will need – a piece of coloured card / paper for the ‘base’ (we use card for this as it makes it a little sturdier for kids), strips of coloured / patterned paper to weave through, glue, scissors and a piece of coloured card to be your ‘frame’.IMG_2817

Begin by taking your piece of base card / paper and folding it in half. Then cut slits horizontally (starting on the folded line) across the card at approximately 3 – 5 cm apart. Do not cut to the edge! Make sure to leave space at the ends, so the card stays intact! For younger children cut the slits wider apart so it is easier for them. IMG_2818Next, get your first paper strip and begin weaving under and over the slits repeatedly. Start the weave with the paper strip under on this step. The girls chose a lovely striped paper to use for their weaving!IMG_2820Next, weave another strip of your paper. Start the weave over the base card slit this time, so it alternates from the previous strip. Continue weaving each strip of paper, alternating how you start the weave on each strip (under, over etc). (There are some brilliant paper weaving video tutorials on YouTube – I know it can be pretty hard to understand without a video)!IMG_2826 IMG_2825Continue weaving the strips until your base card is full. You should have a very cool pattern! Don’t worry if it’s not quite right, it can take a lot of practice! Once you have weaved your strips, cut down the parts that are hanging over the edge and glue the end bits in place to keep the strips secure. Make sure you glue down the bits on the back too. Your little one may prefer to snip and glue as they go along. My daughter prefers this as she finds it easier to keep track of what she is doing.IMG_2821You should now have something that looks a little like this – IMG_2837You can leave the weaving like this or you can add a frame. The girls both opted to add a frame. Choose.what shape you would like, then cut it out of another piece of card. Both girls decided to make a heart shaped frame!IMG_2840 IMG_2839Once your frame is cut out, glue it down onto your weaving then cut around the frame.IMG_2843 IMG_2845We love paper weaving, not just the end product but the whole process! The girls loved seeing the pattern come to life and my daughter is going to hang hers up in her bedroom as she is so proud of it!

I would urge anyone to give paper weaving a go with the little ones! A brilliant technique for kids to put their hands to!