Home sweet home!

Regular followers of my blog will know how happy I am and how much I love living where I do. It is genuinely one of my favourite places to be. I grew up in the city until mum and dad decided to move us all to the country (right by the beach!) here in beautiful Wales, UK. I now have a husband and two wonderful kids and still live very close to my parents (just five minutes drive away). I cannot imagine anywhere better to bring up our family. The beach is on our doorstep, woodland is everywhere and nature is all around us. Wales has some amazing scenery and people come from all over the world to visit and see it for themselves! I wrote on the blog a little while ago about a place called Blue Lake where we love going for regular walks. It is one of our favourite ways to spend family time!

I thought it would be nice to share with you a photo which I took whilst sitting in our back garden the other evening. You can see the beach wall from our home and on this particular night as I looked up I could see people walking along the wall enjoying the evening sunset. It made a beautiful picture so I quickly grabbed the camera! I hope this photo shows one of the reasons I feel so lucky to live in this beautiful country.

IMG_1663 (5).JPG

Super Sunset Sea Pictures!

We are desperately trying to hold on to the last remaining days of our (very poor) British summer this year, but the days are definitely getting shorter and there is quite a chill in the mornings and evenings, signalling Autumn is certainly moving in!

I thought to bring a little sunshine back into our homes, it would be a nice idea to make some sunset pictures. They look so pretty and are really effective!

You will need – paper, paints in blue and sunset colours, paintbrush, black paper and glue.

To make our sunset pictures, my little ones started with a plain piece of paper each and painted some sunset colours in horizontal strips across their paper. (Make sure you leave enough space at the bottom of the page to paint the sea). My son and daughter used yellow, red, orange and purple colours for their pictures.

IMG_1728 IMG_1727 IMG_1729

Next they painted the sea at the bottom of the paper. My little boy loves painting big waves and fishes in the sea on his picture!


I then helped the kids cut out a couple of boat shapes from black paper. Once the paintings are dry, glue down your boat shapes and ta-da! – beautiful, sunset pictures!