A new member of our family!

I thought I would share a little post about the newest member of our family! Yesterday we collected a beautiful baby rabbit who needed a forever home. My daughter has wanted a rabbit for such a long time but we have been waiting until we felt she was old enough to help take care of it. When I saw that that this rabbit needed homing I decided to take him in. My daughter is ecstatic! The joy and love on her face is lovely to see.

My daughter has decided to name him Peanut. He is three months old and is completely gorgeous! He has settled in really well already and my daughter is in complete and utter love with him!


IMG_1501 (2).JPG


I have a feeling Peanut will be very much loved!

Valentines bunny – paper craft!

Each year my kids make their dad a Valentines card or craft to tell him how much they love him. This year my daughter decided to make him a Valentines bunny. Bunnies are her favourite animal at the moment, therefore everyone receives a picture or a beautiful bunny craft on a frequent basis! She decided to make a paper craft bunny for her Valentines craft this year.

To make your paper craft bunny you will need – white paper, coloured card of your choice, scissors, glue and a pen. 

Start by cutting out the shapes you will need from white paper for the bunnies body. We used a large heart for the tummy, a circle for the head, four smaller hearts for the paws and two ear shapes.



Next use glue to stick down your paper shapes where you would like them, to form your Valentines bunny.


Draw on the bunnies face and add your Valentines message! You can also add a coloured heart to the bunnies tummy. My daughter added a red cellophane heart to hers to decorate!


A very cute Valentines picture using paper craft which could easily be popped onto a card to make a home-made Valentines Day card. My daughter can’t wait to give her Valentines bunny to her Dad on Sunday!

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day spent with the ones you love!