Halloween tube bats!

Oh my goodness, I am super excited! It is nearly Halloween which means we can now officially start making some decorations to make our home look a little spooky! My kids love Halloween crafts nearly as much as making Christmas ones! We decided to make some cardboard tube bats which are one of our very favourite Halloween crafts, and one which we do every year.

You will need – cardboard tube, black paint, glue, googly eyes, red paint, card and pipe cleaners.

Begin by painting your tube black. Then cut out two wing shapes from the card and two triangles to be the bats ears. Paint the wings and ears and leave to dry.

Once everything has dried, stick the wings to the side of your tube with glue.

Next add your ears to the inside of the tube and add googly eyes and paint a mouth on the front of the tube.

Next hole punch two small holes into the bottom of the tube. Then thread a pipe cleaner through each hole. These will be the bats legs. 

My daughter made quite a few of these cute little bats and then hung them up on a branch she had found outside. You can make smaller bats by cutting down the tube. We think they look fab and very effective!

We hope you like our Halloween bats! A super simple craft for the little ones! 

Paper plate crab!

We love making things from paper plates as they are so versatile and hold endless craft opportunities! One of my favourite things to make with the little ones are paper plate crabs. They look so cute and the paper plate works really well with this craft. My kids love making these simple little crabs and I think they are a lovely craft to make now the sun is starting to shine a little more!

To make your crab you will need – paper plate, paint, felt pens and coloured paper.

Start by painting your paper plate. My daughter chose orange for her paper plate crab.


Leave the paper plate to dry. Cut out two circles from coloured paper and draw on the eyes with a felt pen.


Next fold a strip of paper (to make a concertina effect), then glue it to the back of one of the eyes. This will make the eyes pop out, giving a 3d effect! Repeat with the other eye.


Once the paper plate is dry stick the eyes on with glue and draw the crab’s mouth on with a pen. Next cut out some legs and pincers from coloured paper then glue onto your crab!


My little ones love their paper plate crabs and they are a wonderful simple activity to do. The kids even took theirs outside and played in the sunshine with them! For more animal craft ideas please take a peek here!


Paper cup chick Easter basket!

I wanted to share with you an Easter craft I did earlier today as I think it is super sweet and very cute! There are lots of ideas for simple Easter baskets on Pinterest so taking some inspiration we made some using  paper cups. I used a patterned paper cup to make it look extra special but this craft would work well with any coloured or even white cups.

To make your paper cup basket you will need – paper cup, tissue paper -shredded, yellow card, orange card, coloured card, glue, googly eyes and feathers.

1 – Begin by cutting out a circle from card. This will be your chicks head. Next glue on googly eyes and a beak. Make the beak by cutting out a triangle from a folded piece of orange card – cut on the fold so that the beak opens. Next glue down the chicks head onto the front of your paper cup.

2 – Decorate the cup with feathers and attach a handle using a strip of card.

3 – Once the cup is dry put shredded tissue paper inside. Add some chocolate eggs for a sweet surprise if you wish!

paper cup basket.jpg

I love how simple this Easter craft is and it looks super cute! The kids loved making them and filling their baskets afterwards with the chocolate! A fantastic activity to do over the Easter holidays with the little ones.

You can adapt this craft to have whatever decoration you like on the front. You could make a lamb or an Easter egg and use sequins / glitter etc to decorate. The possibilities are vast!

For more Easter ideas please take a peek at my Easter page!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

Paper craft dinosaur!

As lots of you know, one of our favourite crafts to do are paper crafts. The kids love to make things with paper and glue, and use their own ideas in their craft work to express their individuality. If you are looking for some more paper craft ideas please check out my paper craft posts!

My five year old son wanted to do some paper craft the other day and I thought he would like to make a dinosaur as they are one of his big interests at the moment. He was super excited to make his paper craft dinosaur!

To make your paper craft dinosaur you will need – coloured paper of your choice (we chose blue), glue, scissors and felt tip pens.

Begin by cutting out the shapes you will need to form your dinosaur. We cut out a body shape, four legs, a long neck, a head and a tail.


Next arrange your pieces where you would like them to be before sticking them down. My son finds this easier so that he can decide where to put the shapes before he sticks them down with glue. Once you know where you would like the different pieces use the glue to stick them down.



Once your dinosaur is dry, you can add features with your felt tip pens. My son drew on spots and a face!


IMG_0408 (2).JPG

My little boy loves his special dinosaur craft and is super proud that he made it himself! I love seeing the pride in kids faces when they see what they have made.

Dinosaur now has pride of place in my sons room, “keeping a lookout for any bad dinosaurs who may enter my room mum”!


Fantastic fish paper craft!

We have been doing quite a bit of paper craft recently in our home as the weather has been pretty awful so we have been indoors a lot! Paper craft is always a brilliant craft as it is super simple and you can make anything you like with a little imagination.

The other day I made a fruity fish snack for my little boy and it triggered my daughter’s creative spark, who then decided to make a paper craft fish for him too! She loves paper crafting, and is using her own ideas so much these days to work out shapes that work and will fit well with what she is going to create.

To make your paper craft fish you will need – coloured paper of your choice in two colours (we used red and orange), blue card, glue and a pen.

Begin by cutting out the fish scale shapes from a piece of coloured card. My daughter decided to use heart shapes for her fish scales. Circles would also work really well. Make sure you also have a shape to use as a tail for your fish. My daughter cut out a larger heart to use as her fish tail!


Next work out the shape your fish is going to be. My daughter finds it easier to place an outline of her shapes onto the blue backing card, before she glues any scales down.


Once you have decided on the placement of your shapes, stick them down. It works really well to slightly overlap your scale shapes to look a bit more fishy!

My daughter then added a mouth using a red card heart, an eye and some bubbles and waves to look like her fish is swimming in the ocean.


Her little brother loved his fishy picture! A very cute paper craft for your kiddies to try!

I hope you all have a super Friday!

Valentines bunny – paper craft!

Each year my kids make their dad a Valentines card or craft to tell him how much they love him. This year my daughter decided to make him a Valentines bunny. Bunnies are her favourite animal at the moment, therefore everyone receives a picture or a beautiful bunny craft on a frequent basis! She decided to make a paper craft bunny for her Valentines craft this year.

To make your paper craft bunny you will need – white paper, coloured card of your choice, scissors, glue and a pen. 

Start by cutting out the shapes you will need from white paper for the bunnies body. We used a large heart for the tummy, a circle for the head, four smaller hearts for the paws and two ear shapes.



Next use glue to stick down your paper shapes where you would like them, to form your Valentines bunny.


Draw on the bunnies face and add your Valentines message! You can also add a coloured heart to the bunnies tummy. My daughter added a red cellophane heart to hers to decorate!


A very cute Valentines picture using paper craft which could easily be popped onto a card to make a home-made Valentines Day card. My daughter can’t wait to give her Valentines bunny to her Dad on Sunday!

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day spent with the ones you love!

Paper craft penguin!

My kids love paper craft at home and as they are getting older they are trying their hands at more intricate and detailed paper craft. (I will post some of these crafts for older children at a future date)!

The other day however I wanted to do some paper craft with my 2 year old nephew. He is becoming super creative recently, so I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration on a more basic paper craft which he could turn his own little hands too. I found a cute penguin craft which I thought he would enjoy and which looked simple for him to do on his own after some initial preparation and adaptation by me.

To make your paper craft penguin you will need – Black paper, white paper, orange paper, scissors and glue. (Card will also work if you are out of coloured paper).

To begin I cut out the paper into the shapes we needed – a white heart to be the tummy, black oval to be the body, two small orange hearts to be the feet, one 3D triangle to be the beak (cut the triangle from a piece of folded paper and cut on the actual folded line), and two small white circles to be the eyes. (I drew some smaller dots on them to make them look more like eyes).


Next pop some glue onto your black oval body shape.


Stick on your white heart tummy shape, heart feet, beak and eyes!


I always let the kids create their art in their own way. I don’t push tiny fingers to places which are ‘deemed’ to be the correct place to stick down a certain part. (It is a huge pet hate of mine, to see children being ‘guided’ so strongly that it is no longer the child’s own individual art, but instead becomes the art of the adult ‘helper’)! I love seeing the art work of young kids when you can see that they have created it their self (even if it is with slightly crazy looking eyes)! I really think it adds to the sweetness and cuteness!


Pop your penguin to dry and ta – da!


We gave my nephews paper craft penguin to his mum who loved it! I think this would look really sweet on a valentines card with the little heart shapes we used! You could adapt this craft for any animal you like. Heart shaped scales on a fish paper craft would look brilliant, or a bunny using heart shapes….the options are pretty endless. No doubt we will be doing more of these paper crafts with our own ideas, as Valentines Day is just around the corner!