Cheerio bird feeder!

We love making bird feeders for the garden birds and this week my daughter decided to make another feeder using cheerios and pipe cleaners. We have made these type of feeders for the last few years as they are very simple and use her favourite cereal! My daughter loves making them as she is a huge animal lover (she’s wanted to be a vet since 4 years of age)! She loves that she is able to help the birds at the same time as getting a little crafty! Being able to watch the birds feed after is a huge bonus for her!

To make your bird feeder you will need – cereal loops, pipe cleaners and wool / thread to hang.

Begin by bending your pipe cleaner into the shape you would like your feeder to be. My daughter chose to make two heart shapes, but you could do anything! Don’t tie or knot the ends yet so that you can thread the hoops on.

IMG_0689 (2).JPG

Then gently start threading the cereal hoops onto the pipe cleaners. This is a wonderful activity to help encourage the little ones fine motor skills and hand eye co – ordination!


Keep threading the cereal hoops until the pipe cleaners are full – just leave a tiny space at the end so that you can twist the pipe cleaner to secure it together.


Next attach your second heart to the other like this –


Then tie some thread / wool to the top so that you can hang it up in the garden!

My daughter chose to hang her feeder on a tree where she can watch the birds feed from our home.

IMG_0704 (2).JPG

We love our home made bird feeders and think they look very cute hanging in our garden!


A little Autumn break away

Firstly, my apologies for not posting for a few days! Myself, the hubby, the kids and Sammy the dog have been on an Autumn break away to one of our very favourite parts of the world – Cornwall, UK. We had a fantastic time, even if it did fly by! Isn’t it funny how a week of work feels so much longer than a week of play?! It felt like we had only just unpacked, when I was packing up again!

We stayed in a little caravan in Newquay on Hendra holiday park. It caters for families and couples, and is very family and child orientated which really shows through in their daytime activities and evening entertainment, as well as right down to the finishing little touches.

There were three fantastic play parks, one of which included a climbing wall, which were all well equipped for children of different ages. IMG_2207 IMG_2195There was also an indoor pool and outdoor pool which looked fun, but unfortunately we didn’t get chance to use them as both the kids had colds so we decided to give them a miss!

Each morning there was a chance to ride on the land train (for free) which took you on a little tour around the park. This was a big hit with my little boy especially, and made even more fun by the holiday parks mascot, a large cuddly hippo called Henry, joining us for the ride! A really cute touch for families!IMG_2167

The evening entertainment was brilliant for the kids, and my daughter was super excited that one evening they had a little tribute to ‘Frozen’. This is one of her favourite films, and she was incredibly happy to get a cuddle from her favourite character, Elsa!IMG_2466During the days we explored the attractions in the surrounding areas. One of our very favourite places we visited was Dairyland Farm world, Newquay. It is an amazing place for children and when you pay once, you can then get in free for seven days! We thought it was amazing value as there was so much to do there. We visited again before going home on our last day and we could of easily spent longer there.

In Dairyland there is SO much to do, including…….

farm with opportunities for the little ones to meet and feed animals…..

IMG_2285 IMG_2274 IMG_2279a tractor hay ride (great fun!), play equipment and farm vehicles to explore, IMG_2297 IMG_2241

milking time for the cows (this is a must see and very educational for the little ones), a HUGE soft play centre,

IMG_2235a brilliant maize maze and some fantastic museums.IMG_2305 IMG_2313 IMG_2319

This place is completely worth a visit if you are ever in the area. A great value day out which will keep the kids (and yourselves!) entertained for hours and hours!

We had such a lovely few days away and enjoyed every minute! Some very much needed family time away together. I feel like our batteries are charged back up again!

Right, now I suppose I better head off and start on the enormous pile of washing……….

The Great British Blackberry Picking!

This morning the kids decided that they wanted to go blackberry picking as there are lots growing where we live at the moment, and my daughter really wanted me to make a blackberry crumble! My niece and nephew were visiting for the day too so I thought it would be a lovely activity to fill the morning! (I refuse to pay for blackberries when they are so readily available for free in our area )!

Even though it was raining we donned our raincoats and headed out! Living in Wales, we live by the motto that ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes!’

IMG_1587 IMG_1589 IMG_1592

The kids had a fantastic time spotting the blackberries, picking them and filling their plastic cups up. We popped into my sister’s home on the way back as we were soaked through, and she made us some very welcome hot chocolate! We made a crumble afterwards with some of the blackberries and it tasted lovely. I always think kids eat so much better when they are involved in their food in some-way. Lovely way to spend a morning!