Collage nature pictures!

A little while ago myself and the kids decided to make some collage nature pictures. These pictures are such good fun and really get kids using their imagination to create their very own pictures!

We went for a little walk and collected up some different natural objects including fallen leaves, grass, fallen petals etc. We pretty much collected anything which we thought would make a good material to make our collage pictures with! Just make sure you aren’t picking anything toxic up! (This activity provides a good opportunity to talk to your kids about things that are safe to pick up and things that aren’t). I also encourage my little ones to only take things that have fallen, and not still growing.

Once we had our collection we headed home and sat outside to create our art work! All you need extra is a little glue and some paper.

Using your glue, stick down the different things where you would like them – it is a good idea to have a play around first to see what you want to create!

leaf pic1





The kids love making these beautiful nature collages. I think they look wonderful and make a nice change to the usual paintings! I love that depending on the time of the year that you make them, you will be able to use different items, so will get different looking pictures each time! We can’t wait for Summer to get out and about and make some more pretty collage pictures!


Rainbow leaf printing!

We are well into our autumn activities and crafts now in our home, and we are loving them! This weekend we got creative with some autumn leaves and did some rainbow leaf printing. This activity is one of my kids favourites and looks really pretty!

You will need – dry leaves, paper, paint in lots of different colours and paintbrushes.

Start off by painting strips in different colours onto a leaf then print (paint side down) onto the paper.




My daughter also painted patterns onto the leaves instead of strips, and the overall effect was very similar to tie dye. They looked very pretty!



These rainbow leaf prints are very simple, look super effective and make a nice change from the usual autumnal coloured leaf printing!

IMG_1912 IMG_1916 IMG_1917 IMG_1927

I think they would look brilliant cut out and mounted individually onto black card as celebration cards. (My dads birthday is fast approaching so he may well receive one of these beauties)!

Happy leaf printing!