Home made dolls pillow!

My eight year old daughter is becoming very interested in sewing and has made Barbie clothes in the past with ease. (It is safe to say her sewing skills are already far better than mine)! She really enjoys making little clothes and accessories herself and then using them with her dolls.

A few days ago she decided she wanted to make a pillow for her larger dolls and teddies to use. She found some leftover material we had and some stuffing and set to work!

To make your own dolls pillow you will need – square/rectangle material piece (large enough for your doll / teddy to rest their head when folded in half), stuffing, needle and thread.


Begin by folding your material in half and turning it inside out so that the outside of the material is on the inside. We used pins to keep the material in place. Then start sewing all around the open edges.



Make sure that you leave a gap on the final side of approximately 8 cm to fill your pillow with stuffing.


Next turn your pillow inside out again so it is the correct way around.


Then fill your pillow with the stuffing! My daughter loves this part!


Once you have stuffed your pillow finish off by sewing the gap up and knotting off at the end.


My daughter loves her new dolls pillow and it hardly cost me anything! She is super proud of herself and is thinking of making a matching blanket too.

I think her dollies will be very happy and comfy on their home made pillow!