Beautiful blackberries (and a simple crumble recipe)!

The Summer this year here in Wales is turning into a bit of a wash out! However, I still like to get the kids out and about in the ‘very fresh’ air and the other day was no exception. I wanted an activity which was free and fun for the kids, so I decided to take them blackberry picking. We had spotted quite a few blackberries previously in our area so I thought it would be a nice idea to go blackberry picking. (We try and do this each year as the kids love it. You can see our post from last year here!)

We donned our waterproofs and set off, plastic tubs in hands to grab some of those yummy fruits!


The kids love trying to spot and pick the blackberries, especially my two year old nephew who thought it was great fun! (Remember to supervise the little ones to make sure that nothing inedible is being picked – I find this activity provides a brilliant opportunity to talk to your kids about what is safe to pick and what isn’t).




Once we had enough blackberries we headed home. I added some strawberries to our collection of blackberries and we all made a very yummy berry crumble!




Recipe for berry crumble – 300g berries, 200g caster sugar, 180g chopped butter and 250g plain flour.

1 – Preheat the oven to 200c. Lightly grease your ovenproof dish with butter, then arrange your berries at the bottom.

2 – In a separate bowl mix together the sugar, flour and butter with a fork until it looks like crumbs.

3 – Bake in the oven for approx 30 minutes or until golden.

4 – Serve with ice cream, cream or custard and enjoy!


We hope you are all having a lovely weekend, whatever you may be doing!

The Great British Blackberry Picking!

This morning the kids decided that they wanted to go blackberry picking as there are lots growing where we live at the moment, and my daughter really wanted me to make a blackberry crumble! My niece and nephew were visiting for the day too so I thought it would be a lovely activity to fill the morning! (I refuse to pay for blackberries when they are so readily available for free in our area )!

Even though it was raining we donned our raincoats and headed out! Living in Wales, we live by the motto that ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes!’

IMG_1587 IMG_1589 IMG_1592

The kids had a fantastic time spotting the blackberries, picking them and filling their plastic cups up. We popped into my sister’s home on the way back as we were soaked through, and she made us some very welcome hot chocolate! We made a crumble afterwards with some of the blackberries and it tasted lovely. I always think kids eat so much better when they are involved in their food in some-way. Lovely way to spend a morning!