Another birthday party!

So this weekend marked another big event in our family – my daughters 8th birthday! I feel like I have only just recovered from my sons birthday a couple of weeks ago and we are doing the birthday thing all over again!

My daughter wanted a little party in our home with a few of her close friends, and she chose to have a princess theme for her party. (After all, if you can’t be a princess on your birthday when can you?!)

I made some home made decorations for her including some simple glittery name bunting. This was so easy to make and looked lovely and sparkly above the food table (I was originally going to make her a castle backdrop but I completely ran out of time)! She was super happy with her glittery alternative!


To make her name bunting, I cut out pieces of yellow card and used glue to write each letter of her name onto each piece of card. I then shook gold glitter flakes onto the glue to form glittery letters. I punched holes in the top of each piece of card and threaded some pretty ribbon through to attach them together. I then hung the bunting up above the food table! It looked very pretty and effective!

I also added a princess theme to some of the food. I made Marshmallow Pops as my daughter loves them and had requested them especially! I mainly used pink sugar sparkles, hundreds and thousands and white chocolate to make them look extra princessy! (There were a few milk chocolate ones thrown in for luck too mind)!


If you would like to make your own Marshmallow Pops, find the recipe here –

My daughter is a huge fan of salad so I knew I needed to get a healthy option onto the party food table too! I found a brilliant idea on Pinterest, which placed the salad into pretty little tubs. Such a simple idea but looks very pretty. I didn’t have any tubs so I improvised and used some cute cake cases. I popped some salad leaves into each one, carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes and cucumber slices, which I cut the edges off using a cookie cutter. I placed the cases into a flower shaped serving plate to serve them. The salad looked very lovely and pretty and was eaten all up! It definitely disappeared far quicker presented like this, rather than just placed in the usual salad bowl!

I also used cookie cutters to make shaped sandwiches. The kids loved these and they made a nice change from the usual squares or triangles!

IMG_3450.JPGWe had a lovely day celebrating and partying! I saved lots of money by making things myself, and the extra touches made her party extra special!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekends whatever you are up to!

Halloween Jack – o – Lanterns!

This weekend my daughter and niece were feeling rather creative and wanted to do something Halloween themed! We decided to make some pumpkin paper lanterns in preparation for Halloween. They make wonderful decorations for around the home and are pretty simple to make!

The origin of Jack – o – Lanterns is still not known, but there is a wide belief that they originated in Ireland, where turnips and beets were carved into. Jack – o – Lanterns were believed to protect your home from spirits and vampires.


There is a fantastic poem called ‘The Pumpkin’ written by John Greenleaf Whittier in 1850:

Oh!-fruit loved of boyhood!-the old days recalling,

When wood-grapes were purpling and brown nuts were falling!

When wild, ugly faces we carved in its skin,

Glaring out through the dark with a candle within!

To make your Jack – o – Lanterns you will need – A4 orange card, black paper, glue, scissors, stapler and a pencil. You will also need a hole punch and thread / wool if you are going to turn your lanterns into bunting.


Start by folding your orange card in half lengthways and then cut slits along the folded line. Make sure you leave approximately 5 cm at least, at the edge of the card.IMG_2583Once you have cut slits along the folded line, open the card up and roll (width way) into your lantern shape.IMG_2586 IMG_2590Once it is rolled into the lantern shape, staple both ends to hold in place.IMG_2589

On black paper, draw the eyes, nose and mouth for the lantern and cut them out.IMG_2592 IMG_2593Using glue, stick the face onto the Jack – o -Lantern.IMG_2597

You can now staple a strip of card to the top of the lantern to form a handle.

IMG_2601If you would like to use your lanterns to make some spooky bunting make plenty of lanterns and use a hole puncher to make two holes in the top of each of the lanterns (one on each side of the lantern).IMG_2591IMG_2602Next, thread some ribbon / string through the top of your lanterns and hang the bunting up! I use sticky tape to hang up our bunting! IMG_2604We love our Halloween bunting!It is a fantastic way to decorate your home with your little ones and without spending lots of money. Double bonus!