Fruity dragonflies!

So for the kids snack time this morning, I decided to get a little creative again! Over the summer months the kids have loved seeing the dragonflies in our garden, so I thought I would try and make them some fruity dragonflies!

I used halved grapes to form the main body, apple pieces for the wings, a banana slice for the head and raisins for the antenna. 

Theses little dragonflies disappeared super quickly into little mouths – the kids absolutely loved them! If you have kids who struggle to try new foods, I say give this a try! Kids tend to love it if you get creative with their food, and will be much more willing to try it if it’s presented in a cute, fun way! 

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 

Eeek! It’s a monster!

I got busy with the kids fruit snacks again the other day and decided to make some edible monster faces! (There’s nothing better than destroying monsters made from fruit right?!)


I used banana for the monsters hair, strawberries and raisins for the eyes, a grape nose and melon and raisins to form the mouth! All the kids ate their fruity faces super fast and even had seconds!

I hope you like our fruity monster faces! Have a brilliant weekend guys!

Fruity flower!

I got creative again today at snack time! My daughter wanted some strawberries so I thought I would make them extra fun for her! I love making food fun for my kids. It really helps kids to try new foods and to eat well.

I decided to turn her fruit snack into a fruity flower, complete with a bumblebee too! I used a banana slice for the centre of the flower and strawberry slices for the petals. I also added cucumber sticks to make the stem and leaves. For the bumblebee I used banana slices with raisins and popped on some strawberry wings.

My daughter loves her fun snacks and this has been one of her favourites yet!



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Fruity snail!

I got a little creative with my sons fruit snack the other day (yes I know, it’s fast becoming an obsession – I apologise)!

I decided to make a fruity snail for him as he loves all insects, bugs, snails, slimy things etc! I used his favourite ever fruit for the snails body (honeydew melon),then added a shell made from grapes, a sliced banana head and used raisins for eyes and sliced grape for the mouth.

fruit snail

My son loved his special snack and it disappeared at a pace far faster than our friendly snails!

Beep Beep – A fruity car!

I got creative at snack time for my little boy again. I decided to turn his fruit snack into cars for him!

Most followers of my blog know how much I love getting creative with food, and what a big believer I am in making food fun for children. My son has been very fussy with food in the past, which is why I started trying to make his food more interesting for him (Hey, I was a desperate mummy)! I was so chuffed that it worked and he improved, that I kind of ran with it! I love making food more interesting now as it has made such a difference to my boys eating habits! My daughter loves it too, even though she has always been a fabulous eater and needed no extra encouragement. It is a lovely, fun way to serve a snack!

To make his fruity cars I used grapes to make a road, pear to form the cars, banana for the wheels and strawberry for the windows! I also added a cheese savoury biscuit to make a sunshine.

fruit car

My little boy loved his vehicle themed snack and it zoomed off in no time! A very big hit!

Fruity Butterfly!

I thought I would share another one of my fruity creations with you! Being a little adventurous with food really helps to encourage little ones to eat more and make healthier food choices!

I made a butterfly for my daughter using sliced banana for the body and apple for the wings. I also added pear strips and cherries to decorate. Yoghurt drops made perfect little eyes too!

food butterfly

She loved her super cute fruity snack!

A very fruity blast off!

I thought I would share another idea to liven up fruit time for the little ones.

I decided to make this fruity space rocket for my sons snack time (his 4 year old self is currently aspiring to becoming a spaceman so I thought this would be a big hit)! I used a banana as the rocket ship and added some fruit flakes for the windows. I made the rocket flames from tangerine segments, and dotted some more fruity flakes as stars. Finally, a cheese cracker biscuit was a far off planet to explore!

space rocket

He loved this and said it’s one of his favourite snack times ever. High five for mummy!

Another fantastic, yummy way to encourage children to eat healthily and to eat up!

Fruity Caterpillar!

Snack time this morning was shook up a little as the kitchen was taken over by fruity caterpillars! I made the kids a fruity snack using blackberries, cherries, and banana. I also added cucumber for the grass. The kids loved them and the caterpillars disappeared incredibly quickly! Super, fun way to get kids eating more fruit and veg!