Fruity dragonflies!

So for the kids snack time this morning, I decided to get a little creative again! Over the summer months the kids have loved seeing the dragonflies in our garden, so I thought I would try and make them some fruity dragonflies!

I used halved grapes to form the main body, apple pieces for the wings, a banana slice for the head and raisins for the antenna. 

Theses little dragonflies disappeared super quickly into little mouths – the kids absolutely loved them! If you have kids who struggle to try new foods, I say give this a try! Kids tend to love it if you get creative with their food, and will be much more willing to try it if it’s presented in a cute, fun way! 

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 

A fruity bird!

I shook up snack time again today for my daughter! She asked for “some type of pretty bird please mum”….. I must admit I wasn’t sure how to start this one but I reached for the strawberries (her favourite fruit) and the ideas started flowing pretty quick!

I made the ‘exotic’ bird using strawberries for the head, body, wings and beak. I added apple pieces for his crest and his legs. Finally, I added a raisin for our birds eye.


If you would like more inspiration for making food more fun for children please take a peek at my food ideas category page. There are some yummy meal recipes and snack ideas like this one. Making food fun for kids really helps encourage healthy eating and good food choices!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Apple printing and home – made gift wrap!

One evening last week it was just me and my daughter at home, as my son was at football club, much to my daughters delight! “Girlie time mum” she shouted, followed shortly by “Can we do some apple printing?”

Apple printing is one of our favourite activities as it is so simple and looks super effective, especially in pattern form. My daughter decided on making some home – made gift wrap. Her Grandpas (Popsys!) birthday is just around the corner and with him being an avid and fantastic gardener, my daughter knew Popsy would love his home – made apple themed gift wrap!

You will need – apples, paints, paper and old bowls / tubs.

To start, cut your apples into halves and de – pip. Next, cut a handle into each apple half. Us grown – ups should do this part as it can be difficult and dangerous for little hands!IMG_2109IMG_2108

Then dip your apple (core centre down) into your paint. Make sure you have plenty of paint on your apple otherwise you may only get half a print!IMG_2112To make your gift – wrap decide on a pattern and the type of paper you want to use. My daughter decided to use a simple, two colour alternating pattern on brown parcel paper. Brown parcel paper makes fantastic wrapping paper as it is nice and strong and can be printed on easily. IMG_2113 IMG_2114 IMG_2115A fantastic printing activity that makes fabulous home – made gift wrap too! We are sure Popsy will love his extra special gift wrap!

Fruity Butterfly!

I thought I would share another one of my fruity creations with you! Being a little adventurous with food really helps to encourage little ones to eat more and make healthier food choices!

I made a butterfly for my daughter using sliced banana for the body and apple for the wings. I also added pear strips and cherries to decorate. Yoghurt drops made perfect little eyes too!

food butterfly

She loved her super cute fruity snack!

A very fruity blast off!

I thought I would share another idea to liven up fruit time for the little ones.

I decided to make this fruity space rocket for my sons snack time (his 4 year old self is currently aspiring to becoming a spaceman so I thought this would be a big hit)! I used a banana as the rocket ship and added some fruit flakes for the windows. I made the rocket flames from tangerine segments, and dotted some more fruity flakes as stars. Finally, a cheese cracker biscuit was a far off planet to explore!

space rocket

He loved this and said it’s one of his favourite snack times ever. High five for mummy!

Another fantastic, yummy way to encourage children to eat healthily and to eat up!

Monster Munchies!

I got creative for the kids snack time again today (I’m sorry, I just cant help it)!

My four year old, is a little (okay, very )! obsessed with monsters and other strange and wonderful creatures at the moment, so I thought a crazy fruity monster would be a cool thing to make for him.

I used blackberries for the hair, apple and chocolate raisins for eyes, a tomato nose and a cut out honeydew melon mouth. His face lit up when he saw his ‘little monster’ and he ate it up super quick!

Having fun with food is a brilliant way to help encourage fussy eaters to try new foods. Try it…….. play with food! 🙂