I’m on Instagram!

I wanted to let you all know that I am now (finally!) on Instagram, hooray! I have had a few people tell me I need to put my little old blog on Instagram so it is done….. (I will admit here that I am not the greatest at using Instagram but we will give it a shot)!


I would love it if any of my followers would pop over to my Instagram page, say hi and give me a follow! Would be nice to know that I’m not on my own over there! My Instagram link is here!

I will be uploading some of my favourite pictures from the blog as well as some lovely new ones. I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

14 thoughts on “I’m on Instagram!

  1. Hey Claire…. I will check you out on Instagram….Cool, found you and following you.
    Don’t worry, I am not the greatest on Instagram and am still learning (Haha, I forget to post and so forth) Anyway have fun, and a wonderful weekend 🙂

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  2. Instagram. Hmm… heard about it through other people mentioning it in passing, but have no idea what it is. I shall have to go and do some research so that I know how to navigate it!
    See … you’re teaching me something new everyday, P.box.
    Sending crafty hugs ~ Cobs. x

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