Cling film painting!

We love using different materials to paint with and the activity I am sharing with you today is one of our favourite ones! It is super simple and uses things you are most likely to already have in your home. I carried out this activity with children aged 8, 6, 5 and 2 years and they all loved it! (Adult guidance will be needed).

To make cling film paintings you will need – cling film, paints and paper.

Begin by squirting out small dots of different coloured paint onto a piece of paper. My kids love this  – just be careful you don’t squeeze too much paint out!


Next get a piece of cling film (big enough to cover your paint) and place it on top of your paper. Then use your hands to push down the paint on top of the cling film. This is a fantastic sensory activity without the mess. The kids get to feel the paint squelching without getting messy! Brilliant for kids who don’t like feeling wet / paint / mess on their hands!



I love this activity as you get a different result each time. It is very unique! The kids choose which way to push and squelch the paint on their paper! Once you are happy carefully peel off the cling film – this may need some adult help.

IMG_1226 (2).JPG

I always find the kids love this bit the most! The surprise on their faces when they see their art work always makes me smile!

You can make some stencils to use with your paintings too. We cut out some shapes from card, stuck them onto the paper using blu-tack, squirted the paint around them then carefully remove the stencil. My daughter especially liked using the heart shape.


The kids also made name prints by cutting out the letters of their names and printing around them. These looked fabulous and I am going to buy canvases for them to do these again, and make art work for their bedrooms!

We had an afternoon full of cling film painting, they asked to do so many we ended up with enough to wallpaper my hallway! Here is a ‘small’ selection of part of our afternoons artwork! We hope you like them!


This activity was loved by all the kids, showing that it really does appeal to lots of different ages. I made quite a few paintings myself and it is so therapeutic. I could have sat and printed all afternoon! Give this activity a go – I think you will be pleasantly surprised!



10 thoughts on “Cling film painting!

    1. Thank you 🙂 The results are wonderful. So unique and you can implement them afterwards in lots of different ways. We have made birthday cards and wrapping paper using cling film printing 🙂


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