Mothers Day Cards – Pom Pom printing!

One of our favourite ways to print is pom pom printing! It is such a fun, cute way of printing and is brilliant for forming lovely circular patterns. I thought it would be a nice idea to use pom pom printing to make some Mothers Day cards this year. They would also make fantastic greetings cards for other special  occasions.

To make your pom pom print Mothers Day cards you will need – card, pom poms, paints, paper and glue.

Begin by deciding what shape / picture you would like to use for your card. We chose a butterfly and a heart shape. Draw it onto your paper and cut it out.


Then dip your pom pom into a paint colour of your choice and begin printing down. My daughter chose to print down two alternating colours around the butterflies edge, then swapped to two different colours on the inside. If your little one is struggling to hold the pom pom, clip a laundry peg onto it to act as a handle, which will make it far easier for little hands to grasp.

Once the paint was dry, my daughter added some googly eyes and drew on a face!


We then mounted the butterfly onto the front of a piece of folded card.



My daughter also made a card using a heart shape which also looked very cute!


A cute, simple way to make a greetings card and a lovely way to use pom pom printing! If you would like ideas on other painting methods please check out my painting ideas page!


I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday!

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