Mothers Day Vase!

This craft is one of the sweetest for Mothers Day and is sure to bring a smile to any Mums face on Mothering Sunday! After originally spotting something similar on Pinterest, I adapted it slightly for the kids I was making it with and loved the end result! I have done these cute vases for a few years nowΒ and it is my absolute favourite Mothers Day craft. It is a super simple craft which doesn’t need many materials so is pretty cheap to make.

To make your Mothers Day Vase you will need – Paper cup, plain paper, paints in different colours, lollipop sticks (green if you have them), glue, cellophane or coloured paper and things to decorate vase with (eg – sequins, paper, glitter, etc).

Begin by painting your hand in the colour of your choice and printing it down onto plain paper.


Then choose a different colour and print another hand print onto the paper. Repeat with different colours until you have four hand prints. (You can use the same colour but I think it looks prettier with the different colours).Β These hand prints will be the flowers!


Whilst the hand prints are drying begin making your vase. Take your paper cup (we chose a pink one), and decorate it with anything you like! We chose coloured paper, cellophane, sequins, feathers and foam shapes.

Leave the paper cup to dry with the hand prints. Once the hand prints are dry, cut each one of them out. Then cut four small circles out of a piece of yellow or orange paper which will be the centre of the flowers. If you don’t have coloured paper just crayon some plain paper and do it that way instead. Glue the circles into the centre of each hand, then mount each hand print onto a lollipop stick. (Green sticks work best as they will be the flower stems, but I had ran out so I just coloured a plain stick in with a green crayon).


Next put some scrunched up cellophane or paper into your paper cup vase. (This will help hold your flowers in place).


Next put some glue on both sides of the bottom of the flower lollipop stick and place into the cup, by pushing it into a fold of the cellophane. Repeat with all of the flowers!


I think these wonderful little flower vases make a beautiful Mothers Day Craft and will rival any bunch of ‘real’ flowers that Mum may receive! A very sweet craft for the little ones to make!



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