A (teeny) bit of sun!

So this morning was glorious! Beautiful blue skies and sunshine! I was ecstatic – we have had such a long period of constant rain, dark clouds and general greyness that just the sight of the sunshine made me so happy! Isn’t it amazing that just a bit of sunshine seems to wipe out the months of grey in an instant? Like medicine for the soul!

Currently the kids are on their half term holidays so I suggested a trip to the park, whilst the weather was so lovely and dry. They chose to ride their bikes (no problem – it gets us there so much faster than legs alone!) and off we went. We were merrily going along and not far from the park when it decided to start hailing…… Not just a few little hailstones, but full on hail coming down at the speed of mini jet planes! I just could not believe it…… We raced to the park and sheltered under the climbing frame (managing to squeeze ourselves in like sardines)! Even my daughter couldn’t understand what had happened to the weather – “Mum, I am getting so sick of this weather now. It was nice a minute ago!”

The aftermath!

My son found it hilarious though and decided it was his duty to try and squash every piece of hail on the floor – needless to say we were at the park quite a while………..

IMG_0587 (2).JPG

I hope you are all having a fantastic week wherever you are!

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