Fantastic fish paper craft!

We have been doing quite a bit of paper craft recently in our home as the weather has been pretty awful so we have been indoors a lot! Paper craft is always a brilliant craft as it is super simple and you can make anything you like with a little imagination.

The other day I made a fruity fish snack for my little boy and it triggered my daughter’s creative spark, who then decided to make a paper craft fish for him too! She loves paper crafting, and is using her own ideas so much these days to work out shapes that work and will fit well with what she is going to create.

To make your paper craft fish you will need – coloured paper of your choice in two colours (we used red and orange), blue card, glue and a pen.

Begin by cutting out the fish scale shapes from a piece of coloured card. My daughter decided to use heart shapes for her fish scales. Circles would also work really well. Make sure you also have a shape to use as a tail for your fish. My daughter cut out a larger heart to use as her fish tail!


Next work out the shape your fish is going to be. My daughter finds it easier to place an outline of her shapes onto the blue backing card, before she glues any scales down.


Once you have decided on the placement of your shapes, stick them down. It works really well to slightly overlap your scale shapes to look a bit more fishy!

My daughter then added a mouth using a red card heart, an eye and some bubbles and waves to look like her fish is swimming in the ocean.


Her little brother loved his fishy picture! A very cute paper craft for your kiddies to try!

I hope you all have a super Friday!

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