Super Sunday!

Today me, the hubby, kids and Sammy dog made the most of the ‘temporary’ dry weather and headed to our local forest park. (I am so sick of the rain already)! It is one of our favourite places to visit as a family as it is free (hooray!), completely beautiful and has lots for the kids to do! There are different trails you can walk which vary in skill level, different bike trails (including a practice area), a lovelyย cafe, play parks and an animal trail. We decided to walk the animal trail today as the kids love it! This is a trail designed for families on which you try to spot different wooden animals hidden along the trail. Before you begin, you get a leaflet from their information centre which gives you a different clue for each animal thatย you need to find.





The kids have great fun working out which animal they need to find from the clues and then trying to spot them. The trail is set in the forest which is so beautiful and pretty, with lots of streams and places to rest if little legs get tired!

IMG_0487 (2)



IMG_0517 (2)

We also visited my daughters favourite tree – the fairy tree! She gets super excited seeing it! I must admit that there is a definite aura of magic around it!

Hope you have all had a wonderful Sunday too!

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