Happy New Year – blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

Happy new year everyone! ( Or blwyddyn Newydd Dda! as we say here in Wales! ) I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas time and new year. We had a wonderful time! We kept up with our family traditions and have been out and about in the fresh air lots! One of our favourite places to go is a woodland walk not far from our home, which has some beautiful waterfalls, so we visited on Christmas Eve ( complete with Santa hats of course)!


We also went on a very scenic walk on one of the Welsh Coastal Paths which passes plenty of horse fields (much to the kids delight)! This is one of my favourite places ever and is a great place to clear your head. I love running along this trail when the weather brightens a little!



The Christmas Eve parcels went down a treat too! The kids loved the home made reindeer food and they had great fun sprinkling it on the lawn on Christmas Eve!



It has been so nice just spending time together as a family. It sometimes feels that in the present time we don’t tend to just sit, breathe and spend time together. Modern day living has people running around on full speed hardly daring to take a breath. One of the things I will be trying to focus on more in 2016 is to sit and just enjoy the moment more. Have any of you made any resolutions? I usually make the same ones each year so this year I am going back to basics. I aim to spend more time sitting and savouring the little moments. Time seems to fly by so quickly these days and those little (precious) moments can get lost in the mayhem of everyday living.


I hope you all have a brilliant 2016 full of love, health and happiness. Let’s all make some amazing memories! 🙂

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