Paper cup angel – tree topper!

This weekend my daughter wanted to make an angel tree topper for the top of her pink Christmas tree, which her Taid (as we call Grandpa here in Wales!) had given her this year.

She was super excited when Taid gave her the Christmas tree, complete with baubles, beads and lights to decorate it with. She spent some time decorating it and then realised she had nothing to put on the top. I told her she could make something, so she chose to make an angel. We thought a paper cup angel would be a lovely way to top her very own Christmas tree!

To make your paper cup angel you will need – paper cup, cake case, paper, crayons, glue, sequins, glitter, wool and googly eyes / eye stickers.


Begin by cutting your cake case in half and glueing each half onto each side of your paper cup. These will be the angels wings! Then decorate your paper cup with sequins and glitter. You can also use coloured paper, crayons etc, whatever you like! My daughter chose to use a pink paper cup for her angel, as we had some left over from her recent birthday party.


Next, draw a mouth and nose onto a piece of paper and cut it out. Add your eye stickers or googly eyes and stick on some coloured wool for hair.

IMG_3663 (2)

Finally glue your angels face onto the front of your paper cup.


Once dry, place onto the top of your Christmas tree! We think she looks absolutely wonderful and she has had lots of compliments from visitors!


A beautiful, home – made angel which will take pride of place on your Christmas tree!

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