Christmas has arrived!

This weekend we decided to bring the Christmas tree out of hiding and start decorating. I wasn’t planning on doing it yet but the kids were asking so I thought we may as well! It does feel so much more like Christmas when the tree is all pretty and lit up!

I try and let the kids have freedom to decorate the tree themselves. This year they decorated the whole tree on their own, apart from the lights (that is Daddy’s forte)! As I was growing up my mum didn’t really let us kids decorate the tree. She usually did all the Christmas decorating whilst we were in school. I used to wait till she was cooking tea or something similar, and then sneakily take a bauble off the tree and place it somewhere I liked. I used to feel like I was missing out on quite a big chunk of Christmas and I don’t want my own two little ones to feel like that. I want them to feel very much part of the whole Christmas period!



As you can imagine our tree therefore usually ends up uncoordinated, mismatched and with absolutely no theme! It is covered with home-made decorations which the kids have made over the years, but are completely beautiful and precious to me. There are also decorations that have been given by family and friends, and are of huge sentimental value to me also. I know some people prefer beautifully matching, colour coordinated works of art, and of course these are aesthetically gorgeous, but since having the children that is no longer for me.I embrace the home-made look whole heartedly! Most of the decorations on our tree have their own story and hold lovely cherished memories.

We had a wonderful, lovely family day listening to Christmas songs and decorating our home! Even Sammy our dog had fun, but it is hard work decorating for Christmas! Right Sammy?!


10 thoughts on “Christmas has arrived!

    1. Aw bless 🙂 I love all the home made decorations! Lovely time of year 🙂 I pop a chair for my son to stand on as he can’t quite reach the higher layers either yet! It was his turn to place the angel too so the chair was very useful! 🙂

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