A party for my own mini superhero!

It was my (not so) little boys fifth birthday this week and I wanted to make it super special for him. It was the first time he would be having school friends to his party, as he has always just wanted family members before. I let him choose a theme for his party and he chose to have a superhero theme! IMG_3172

I decided to try and make the majority of the decorations for his birthday myself as at this time of year, money is not exactly in abundance!

I started by making some superhero swirls. You can see the post just below if you fancy making some yourself. These can be adapted to fit in with any type of party theme. I hung quite a few in the doorway to the ‘party room’ so that the kids had to push through them all to get into the room! Great fun!IMG_3099


I also made some fantastic Spider-man webs made out of bin liners to hang around the room. He loved these! IMG_3154.JPGI also wanted to have something to put behind the dining table as a backdrop. When I looked on – line for Superhero backdrops and wall posters I could not believe the price of them! There was no way I was paying that much money! I decided I could probably make a ‘city scape’ myself to use as a backdrop. I used sheets of black card and arranged them into building shapes. I cut out different types of roofs and used blue tack to attach them to the wall. I then painted on windows with white paint and added superheroes which I cut out from the left over gift wrap. IMG_3159.JPGI also added a little superhero feel to some of the party food! I found a fantastic idea on Pinterest to add a web design onto Babybel cheese. It looked super effective and was so simple! They were a huge hit with the party guests and there were none left over at the end of the party! (A little tip if you do use this idea is to draw your web design onto the wax, then place in the fridge as it seems to set the design better). You can use Babybels for lots of different party themes. Cutting out shapes (gently) from the wax with a cookie cutter is another way to use these lovely little cheeses in your party.  (Eg – cutting out star shapes are fantastic for princess or space themed parties)!IMG_3157.JPG

Everyone commented on how lovely the decorations were. The city scape seemed to catch everyone’s eye! My daughter has requested a princess castle backdrop for her birthday (which falls in two weeks time – aaargggh!!!)

He had a wonderful birthday and his huge smile when he walked into the house after school, and saw the decorated room was well worth the time and effort! A super, lovely day (and a stress free party)!

14 thoughts on “A party for my own mini superhero!

      1. He loved it and it went really well 🙂 I wanted to take more pictures but I just did not get chance. I felt like I didn’t stop that day haha! I just need to do it all over again in two weeks for my daughters birthday! 🙂

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