Halloween hand-prints!

We love hand-printing in our home and thought we would do some Halloween inspired prints this week. I love how you can turn your hands into pretty much anything with just a bit of paint! We turned to Pinterest for a little inspiration and found some fantastic ideas, including bats, cats and witches to get us started!

I was looking after my nephew and niece for the day too and the two girls were super excited at the prospect of turning their hands into something a little spooky!

To make your spooky hand-prints you will need – paint, paintbrushes, paper and black felt tip pen.

My daughter decided to make a witch hand-print so set to work painting her whole hand green. She then printed down on the paper. She then painted on the hair and a hat. Once the paint was dry she drew on her witches face with black pen!

IMG_2702 IMG_2704My nephew and niece wanted to do some Frankenstein prints. They painted the palm of their hands green and their fingers purple (don’t paint the thumbs for this print). My nephew needed some help with this as he is only 22 months!IMG_2679 IMG_2681

They then printed onto paper and added some ‘screws’ at the side of Franks neck. Once dry, we added the face!IMG_2699 IMG_2711 IMG_2712The kids loved their Halloween hand-prints and we cut them out and popped them up around the house!

We hope you have a fantastic Halloween!


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