A very handy pumpkin!

Continuing with our Halloween theme, me and my niece decided to make a pumpkin the other day. She wanted to make it to take home to her mum but didn’t want to use paint or printing techniques. We decided to use hand shapes instead to make a cute, personal pumpkin!

To make your handy pumpkin you will need orange card, green card, scissors, paper, pencil, glue and felt tip pen.IMG_2682

Draw around the child’s hand onto the orange card. We did four hand shapes. You may need more if you have a younger child or want a fuller looking pumpkin! Then draw around the hand onto green card. You need two green hand shapes as these will be the pumpkin leaves. Next cut out all your hand shapes and start arranging them on your paper how you would like them.IMG_2687Once you are happy with how they look, stick them into place with glue. Then draw a face onto the pumpkin.IMG_2688IMG_2691My niece loved making her handy pumpkin and her mum loved receiving it!


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