Beep Beep – A fruity car!

I got creative at snack time for my little boy again. I decided to turn his fruit snack into cars for him!

Most followers of my blog know how much I love getting creative with food, and what a big believer I am in making food fun for children. My son has been very fussy with food in the past, which is why I started trying to make his food more interesting for him (Hey, I was a desperate mummy)! I was so chuffed that it worked and he improved, that I kind of ran with it! I love making food more interesting now as it has made such a difference to my boys eating habits! My daughter loves it too, even though she has always been a fabulous eater and needed no extra encouragement. It is a lovely, fun way to serve a snack!

To make his fruity cars I used grapes to make a road, pear to form the cars, banana for the wheels and strawberry for the windows! I also added a cheese savoury biscuit to make a sunshine.

fruit car

My little boy loved his vehicle themed snack and it zoomed offΒ in no time! A very big hit!

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