Building block printing!

Most followers of my blog know that I am a huge believer in giving children the freedom to create and experiment with their own art and creativity! I also believe that as more and more schools seem to be focusing less and less on art and play, we really need to push it more in the home.creativity-starts-in-the-home

My little boy is not a huge fan of painting with a paintbrush but what he does love is printing activities! We have explored lots of different ways to print and one of his favourite ways involves using his toy building blocks.

You will need – Different coloured paints, paper and toy building blocks.

Start by dipping the building block into a coloured paint. We use larger, open containers for our paint so it is easier for my little boy to use. (Old plastic plates and bowls work really well)! Then print the block down onto your paper.

block 2

We use both sides of the blocks as one side gives lovely circular prints, and the other gives rectangular shapes. Use different blocks in different colours to make and build up the print picture!

Younger children will also really enjoy this activity as it is so simple and the blocks are nice and easy to hold. block 3

My little boy made quite a collection of prints!

block p

This is a fantastic way for children to explore their creativity by stepping away from the usual brush painting. My son loves seeing the prints and patterns appear on his paper!

7 thoughts on “Building block printing!

  1. Aw this is adorable. so right about this trend in schools. My school taught me all kinds of embroidery stitches, painting techniques, how to use sewing machine etc and it was never boring. I teach my kids these basics at home.

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