Stained glass spooks!

Continuing with our Halloween crafts this afternoon, we decided to make stained glass window decorations. These are one of my favourite crafts to do as they can be adapted for most celebrations and festivals! They need a little preparation time, but I promise they are worth it!

You will need – black card, coloured cellophane and glue.

Start by drawing your chosen image / images onto some black card. My kids chose a cat, bats and a pumpkin. Make sure you draw spaces on the images where you can cut pieces out from (these will be where the cellophane pieces go to give the stained glass effect).



Next, cut out the card images to form templates. ( I find it easier to cut out the templates myself, as they can get quite difficult on the smaller parts). You should have something a little like this once they are cut out.


Next give your children different coloured strips of cellophane. They can then choose which colours to glue onto their template. They may need a little help to make sure they have fully covered the gaps on their template.

IMG_2075 IMG_2076 IMG_2078
IMG_2077 IMG_2083Once the spooky decorations are dry, trim down the edges if you need to, so that you have a neater edge. Display them on a window to get the full stained glass effect!


The kids love the whole process of making these and enjoy the effect when they are up on the window. They look absolutely fantastic and always get lots of compliments!

Happy Creating!


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