Leaf shape bats!

Now we are officially in October, I feel it is perfectly okay (and not at all premature!) to post some Halloween crafts! We love Halloween in our house and always end up visiting some Halloween party (or four)!

halloween 2Enjoying last years parties!

So to kick off our Halloween crafts we started with a very simple bat picture! I have also linked it in with Autumn as the craft uses autumn leaves to form the bat shapes ๐Ÿ™‚ Me and my daughter decided to do this craft together as she wanted me to draw some of the bats with her on the picture. Some mummy daughter artwork! ๐Ÿ™‚

You will need –ย 

Dry leaves, paint, paper, brushes and felt tip pen.

Begin by placing a leaf onto your piece of paper and paint around it. Then move the leaf to another part of your paper and paint around it. Continue painting around the leaf on different parts of the paper. My daughter used purple paint. Black would look good too, for the night-time sky!


Once the paint is dry, add a face to form the bat. Me and my daughter also added ears and feet! She also added stars to form the sky at night.IMG_1924

We love this craft as you can use different leaves which will give totally unique bat shapes. Play around and have fun! A nice, easy Halloween craft!

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