Amazing autumn tree paintings!

Autumn is in the air! Summer has certainly finished here in Britain and autumn is approaching. Fast. I am struggling, however, to let go of Summer this year. Usually I am ready to move onto the next season with thoughts of new activities and things to do buzzing around in my head, but alas not this year (probably due to the fact it feels like we haven’t had much of a Summer – one of the rainiest, coldest summers for good old Blighty this year)!

So, to try and get myself and the kids excited for the Autumnal months we decided to make some autumn tree pictures, using cotton buds. We made these last year too, and they were a big hit. It was just my daughter painting today as my little boy was playing with his friend, so here is her autumn tree picture and how she made it! We hope you like it!

You will need – paint (in autumnal colours – we used red, yellow, orange and brown), cotton buds, paper, and paintbrush.

She started off by painting a tree trunk and branches using a paintbrush, onto a plain piece of paper.


Next, she dipped a cotton bud into the paint and dotted paint around her tree branches to form the leaves of the tree. She then built up the leaves, by dotting more paint using the cotton buds, in the different autumn colours.

IMG_1778 IMG_1779

She kept on dotting until she was happy with the way her tree looked. She then added leaf dots falling down from the tree, and at the base of the tree to form piles of leaves.


She then painted on a hedgehog, and a bird and sunshine in the sky for her own finishing touches. We think it looks lovely and using cotton buds is another fantastic way to shake up painting!



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