Rainbow Caterpillar!

There is a huge importance placed on recycling currently, which I fully embrace with open arms! Teaching our children about looking after our planet should be high on every parents list of (endless) things to do! Another upside to this is that there are usually lots of fantastic, recyclable items which we can use for our creative activities!

This week we had an egg box sitting waiting to be recycled, which my daughter decided to make something with. She has been super interested in caterpillars and butterflies since she had a butterfly garden (highly recommended!) given to her last Christmas, so she opted to make an egg box caterpillar.

To make an egg box caterpillar you will need – egg box, paints, paintbrush, pipe cleaner and googly eyes.

She started off by cutting the (12 egg) box into half so she was working with 6 segments instead. She then painted each segment a different colour as she wanted it to be a rainbow caterpillar!


Once it was dry, she glued googly eyes onto the segment which she wanted to be the ‘head’. I then helped her make two small holes in the top of the ‘head’, which she pushed two cut pipe cleaners through and shaped them to be the antennae. Next she drew on a mouth using black felt tip pen.


We think her rainbow caterpillar looks super cute and is a lovely way to use some of those empty egg boxes. She is planning on making a whole caterpillar family! ( I best start using some of our eggs up! ) Omelette anyone?…..

cat1                    cat4

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