The ‘chosen one’

I thought I would share a little bit of lovely news which we received yesterday (I apologise now for the proud ‘mummy bear’ post)!

Each year, our little Welsh village holds a Race the Train event (it’s very much the village highlight of the year)! It involves lots of people all running the length of our little steam train track and trying to beat the train back to the station.

The local school children are each asked to design the event T-shirt, with one child’s design being the ‘chosen one’ and printed on all the T-shirts. The T-shirts are then sold in the local shops, and the runners and spectators can buy them to wear on the day, or as souvenirs.

Yesterday we found out that my daughters design has been chosen as the T-shirt design for this year! Her excitement level pretty much equals my pride level right now! Walking into our local shop and seeing lots of T-shirts all hanging up with her design printed on them was quite surreal. She said it will be strange seeing lots of people walking around on the day with her picture on their T-shirts!

Now all we need is some lovely, sunny weather for the Race day! 🙂 IMG_1667


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