Bottle it up! – (Bottle lid painting)

It comes as no surprise that most kids love painting. The chance to get that little bit extra messy is a sheer joy to them. The squeezing, squelching, mixing and creating is fantastic for children’s creative development, and this is something we should nurture and encourage in kids of all ages.

 Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist when he grows up.

Pablo Picasso

There are so many different materials and tools to paint and create with! Lots of  people think paint = paintbrush (and maybe the odd sponge and potato thrown in here and there)! Look outside of that box though and you can paint with pretty much anything! I love encouraging the little ones to experiment with different materials and tools.

We decided to ditch the paintbrushes yesterday and chose to print using bottle lids instead. We used plastic milk bottle lids as they are easy, larger and safe for the kids to hold. I also had my 20 month old nephew staying with me for the day so I wanted something which he would be able to use too!


We dipped the lids into our coloured paint then printed onto some plain paper. The kids really enjoyed seeing the prints appear on the paper. They created flowers, patterns and even a couple of “very hungry caterpillars” (a huge family favourite in this house)!


The possibilities are pretty endless with this activity and the finished prints would look lovely on home-made greeting cards, or as home-made wrapping paper!

IMG_1638IMG_1659 IMG_1660A lovely way to mix up a painting activity with the little ones!


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