A lovely home-made gift

When I found out that my sister was expecting her second baby a couple of years ago, and it was to be a he, I was filled with a need to give her something lovely and home-made. I really wanted it to be super special and I came across the idea of making her a nappy cake. These were traditionally given as part of a mum to be’s baby shower, but are becoming much more popular as stand alone gifts now .

I must admit that when I first looked at how to make them (as a pure novice I hasten to add!) I was a little daunted, as some of the designs were incredibly elaborate. I then stumbled across an easy to follow video on YouTube which showed me how to make a simple two – tiered nappy cake, step by step. After a few practices I had it mastered! I spent the majority of my free time thereafter rolling and wrapping nappies, hiding little surprise vests, mittens and bottles, and generally transforming a bunch of teeny tiny nappies and blankets into a cake!

Once it was finished I was pleasantly surprised by the end result. (Shock horror – it actually looked like a cake)! I wrapped it in some pretty cellophane and added a bow to finish it. (Hey, it’s all in the presentation right)?!

Once our beautiful nephew was born I couldn’t wait to give my sister her nappy cake, bow and all. She was so pleased with it and couldn’t believe I had made it with my own fair hands (I tried not to take offence when several other family members repeatedly asked if I had actually made it)!

If you know a lady expecting a beautiful bundle of joy give this a go! It is a lot easier than it looks and will be very much appreciated by the recipient. I really enjoyed making the nappy cake and my pride level got raised a few notches afterwards! It didn’t cost too much either as I bought everything when on offer (or brand new from a well known on-line website)!

Now all I need is one of my lovely, beautiful lady friends to ‘be with child’ so I can put my ‘cake’ making skills to good use again. Be warned – it is slightly addictive! A gorgeous, perfect way to welcome a much loved, new addition to a family!jakes nappy cake nappy cake

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